Is the Beauty and the Beast remake a sign that original ideas are extinct?

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Disney’s Beauty and the Beast opened in theaters last week, with high box office sales. While I enjoyed the movie as I have enjoyed the previous Disney live-action remake The Jungle Book,I feel that Disney’s attempt in recreating their animated classics is encouraging studios to remake various classic movies. The release of Beauty and the Beast is only one in a few planned Disney remakes such as Mulan, Peter Pan, Lion King, Aladdin, etc. While many of these remakes offer a different interpretation of a classic Disney story, Disney is now placing a huge amount of emphasis on the remakes of its stories. Remakes and reboots have become such a cultural norm in Hollywood that original ideas are an idea 0f the past, new story lines are slowly becoming extinct.

While I understand that the main reason for remaking an old Disney movie is to help it withstand the passage and time, surely there must be exciting and original story lines to explore. Disney should focus on developing its original ideas on films like Zootopia, Frozen, Tangled, and Wreck it Ralph. Creating original ideas could help make new classics that would be remembered throughout history.


Logan Review

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In early March I had the chance to see the movie Logan, which is the last movie where Hugh Jackman will play the iconic character of Wolverine. As a fan of the X-men movies and comics, I excitedly awaited to see my favorite mutant on screen for the last time. I amĀ  happy to say that this film lived up to my expectations, this film was more serious-minded, profound and compelling than previous Wolverine films.

The story of Logan is that mutants have gone extinct and Wolverine needs to take care of Charles Xavier who currently has dementia. Along the way, Logan and Charles meet a girl named Laura who is another mutant that may be related to Logan and they both need to drive her across the Canadian border to a haven where other mutant children are rumored to reside.The mutant children are hiding to avoid government officials that want to use them for experiments.

The film didn’t feel like the common mainstream of other Marvel and DC superhero films, it felt more like a Western film like a classic Clint Eastwood movie. With a compelling script and masterful action scenes, Logan is sure to impress all audiences.